Butterfly books land at Marsden Library

Published: 24 Mar 2016

The entrance to Marsden Library is now adorned with six huge butterflies.

The 3m to 4.5 m metre high butterflies have been sculptured to sit as sentries to the Chambers Flat Rd facility.

Retiring Logan City Division 5 Councillor Graham Able said he was thrilled to be able to unveil the new sculpture, Butterfly books, which had been created by Bethania artist John Coleman.

“John has done a wonderful job producing this artwork recognising butterfly books which are titles that changed your life and helped you become who you are today.”

Cr Able said the sculpture created a spectacular statement that highlighted creativity, education and the joys of reading, books and libraries in general.

Cr Able said the artwork would serve as a wonderful marker for the Marsden Library now and into the future.

“Generations to come will be able to say that they are going to the butterfly building when they describe to someone the location of Marsden Library.

“This artwork has brought the whole outside area of the library to life and created an interesting focal point for this important community facility.”

Cr Able said the new artwork consisted of six butterflies each carrying a book with a single word such as inspire, dream, imagine, create, grow and believe and which linked to the artwork’s theme

“To really capture people’s imagination’s text will be sandblasted onto the ground below the butterflies.

“The text will include inspiring quotes from authors selected by patrons from their favourite books and will provide further intrigue for the Butterfly books artwork and the people who view it.

“We also obtained via a survey of our Marsden Library patrons some book titles, facts and quotes that they found motivational and these have been included in the design.”

Cr Able said the butterflies would be a colourful feature day and night as the transparent sculptures would be lit with power from solar panels.

Butterfly artwork