Rochedale South

Rochedale South was officially gazetted in July 1979 and lies to the south of Priestdale Road. The suburb of Rochedale is in Brisbane City. Rochedale was the name of the homestead built by the Roche family who settled in the area in 1868. Their property stretched from the current Rochedale School, north to Ford Road and east to Priest Gully. They also owned the site of Redeemer College. The family grew grapes and had a citrus orchard. After World War I the area was turned over to small crop farming and in the 1930s they moved into dairying. A repatriation hospital operated in Grieve Road after World War I. The Rochedale State School was established in 1931. Despite requests for a post office in the 1920s, it was not established until 1947.

Much of the land in Rochedale South was originally owned by Robert Grieve and William Underwood and during the mid 1970s it was suggested that the area be renamed Langford, after Colonel Langford who owned some of William Underwood's property from the early 1930s. Colonel 'Sam' Langford retired to his home on the Springwood estate after World War II and subdivided his land into 40 and 60 acre lots. He lived on Sunningdale Avenue and continued to grow pineapples. Local residents rejected the proposed name change in the late 1970s, but in the early 1990s the prospect of a name change was again on the agenda following the Brisbane City Council's proposal to build a massive waste dump in Gardiner Road, Rochedale. Some locals suggested the name change to avoid the connotations associated with living near a major dump. The move was defeated.

The region began to be subdivided for housing in the mid to late 1960s. Strathlands shopping Centre opened in 1970, with a new Woolworths store added to the centre in 1974. St Peter's Catholic School began in 1976 and the church was consecrated in 1978. Rochedale South Primary School opened in 1979. Redeemer Lutheran College opened in 1980. Rochedale State High School opened in 1983. Two major projects were instigated in 1986; construction of the water tower and the approval for Ikea to proceed.