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The City of Logan’s culinary and fresh food offerings are fast becoming a regional attraction. Our taste experiences are unique thanks to the influence of our diverse community, representing more than 217 ethnicities and our city’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. Would you like to create your own ‘foodie’ experience? Why not visit the South East Queensland Food Trail and plan your next great culinary experience? From artisan coffee to exotic fresh produce you’ll find a variety of wonderful culinary delights.

Deja Vu

With a passion for making good food memories, the Deja Vu team aspires to create the greatest experience for you and your friends + family

Deja Vu is the hidden gem in Springwood that’s right in front of you. The café may be nestled in-between local businesses on Murrajong Road, but it’s sleek exterior catches your eye as you drive past.

Step inside and it’s a whole other world. The owners have embraced an industrial look and feel with cogs on the wall while incorporating plants and cushions to make the space feel cosy and inviting at the same time. The custom made metal robot at the counter is quirky and adds an extra special touch to the premises.

They have a select range of signature dishes on their menu from unami mushrooms to pork croissants, as well as mouth-watering waffles and avo on toast. Their coffee is delicous and their range of cold drinks are even better.

The cafe truly lives up to their vision of creating a freat food experience for everyone, catering for a range for dietary requirements including V, VG, GF and DF.

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1-7 Murrajong Road, Springwood QLD 4127



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